Why "flying zin"?

Flying Zin has a lot of different meanings, one from the birds on the label and another from a misadventure of a few bottles of Zin on a sailing trip.

We hope "Flying Zin" will become a favorite name with our customers as we have become very partial to it. 

Our initial vineyard was planted in 2001 and has matured to produce premium red wine grapes for our wines. A new tract of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted in 2013. We have a total of 5 acres planted.

OUR Vines

Slate Ridge Vineyard is a family run business, including the art work on the labels. The label of the two crows and the grapes were inspired by a watercolor painting by local artist Beverley "Chi" Chichester Hall, who is Robert Hall's mother.  The label may change with time, but the theme "Home of the Flying Zin" will continue.


The Label

Robert and Kathleen Hall, the owners and vintners of Slate Ridge vineyard and Winery, both have Ph.D's in chemistry. One in Organic Chemistry and the other in Biochemistry. While they may have disagreements on wine making, they both agree that the quality of the grapes is the most important aspect of the wine making process. Start with exceptional fruit and exceptional results will follow.






                      Hostas                                                         Buddy                                              Hand picked Zin Grapes

Mama Mia and Spotty